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All parents want to choose the right school for their child and we encourage parents to visit our school so that they have a good understanding of our provision and our ethos. Please visit the 'starting school in September 2021' page to get a flavour of our school through our virtual tour.   

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School is a voluntary aided school in the Diocese of Brentwood and seeks, at all times, to be a witness to Jesus Christ. The school exists primarily to serve the Catholic community and Catholic children always have priority of admission.

The Governing Body welcomes all applications, from those of other denominations and faiths who support the religious ethos of the school.

As we are a Catholic School, when applying for a place, you must also complete our Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and if you are a practising Catholic, please ask your Priest for a completed Certificate of Practise and these, along with a copy of your child’s Baptismal certificate (if applicable). Details of the definition of Catholic practice is given here

If you are applying for a place in any other school year you do not need to complete the Council’s form unless you are applying for a Year 3 place in the determined admissions round.

Our School admissions policy for 2021 intake:

Our Lady Of Lourdes Parish – notice about Certificate of Catholic Practice

Parents wishing to apply to Catholic Primary Schools for the next academic year are required to obtain a Letter of Catholic Practise from their Parish Priest. This must be requested from your Parish Priest in person and only one per child will be issued.

These are issued only to practising Catholics (i.e. those who attend weekly Mass). Furthermore, this practise of the Faith will be viewed over a period of time and not just the weeks prior to an application. Parish Priests may also look at the date of Baptism, noting those children who have been Baptised soon after birth as compared to those Baptised with proximity to school age. This is a matter of justice to all involved in applying for places in our Schools. Our schools are often oversubscribed and in order to be fair, preference will justly be given to those who live and practise the Faith as well as who contribute to the life of the Church through the various ways in which that support is given. If you are not a practising Catholic this Certificate will not be given; you may still apply to a Catholic School but your application will considered under another category for Admissions.

Schools admissions: applications for overseas children

In most cases, children arriving from overseas have the right to attend schools in England.

It is the responsibility of parents to check that their children have a right, under their visa entry conditions, to study at a school.  To help parents we recommend that those wishing to apply for a state funded school check that they have a right of right of abode or the conditions of their visas otherwise permit access a state-funded school.

Foreign nationals cannot use the 6 month visitor visa or a 6 month short-term study visa to enter the UK to enrol as a pupil at a school. Find out what these visas can be used for on the visitor visa and short term study visa pages.

Find out more visit the Department for Education.

Appeals 2020/21

If your child’s admission application was unsuccessful you may wish to appeal against this decision.

Information about appeals can be found on the website here.