Austin Kunnath Bank Manager

Oliver Blackburn Customer Services Officer

Coco Kelsey Customer Services Officer

Megan Humpage Cashier

Lucy Hall Cashier

Marketing Team
Manager (Spring Term) Freddie Smith Manager (Summer Term) Eve Campbell
Marketing Assistants
Imogen Phipps
Rose Tidder

Hannah Rubbert

Katie Lane

Harry Mander

Isabella Haiser

Lilly Thompson

Enzo Rossi-Dowman

Marketing Assistants
Colm Auton
Ellie-Mae Appleton

Ruby Phillips 

Edith Osborn-Culf

Joewin John

Evie Ryther

Isabella Twine

Rosine Achandil

Rhine Mittathany

HSBC School Bank

The HSBC School Bank is part of a ‘Money Management’ initiative that we started more than 3 years ago in school. It is run by Year 6 children, under the guidance of Mrs. Moonie. Children in Years 3 and above can open an account with us and deposit money into the school bank, or at any HSBC branch. Although the account is opened through the school, it is actually a HSBC account so it can be accessed in exactly the same way as a normal account. The school bank is run during school hours and will open on the first and last Friday of every month.

Opening Times

Find us in the Oasis room from 8.30am to 8.50am on the following days:





Headteacher: Mrs M. Sullivan